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Girls Girl, n. /ɡərlz ɡərl/ :

A self-identified female or gender non-conforming individual who supports, empowers, and is kind to others.

Our Mission:

Girls Girl Collective is a Nonprofit organization that fosters a creative space for skillshare and healthy connection dynamics. We advocate for acceptance and belonging within our community for empowerment and collaboration.


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“Girl Girl Collective has gone out of their way to be inclusive of Ventura County’s transgender community, including board members coming to trainings that aim to educate people about the transgender community. It’s very hard for transgender people to find accepting spaces, and Girls Girls Collective makes sure their spaces are safe for the transgender community.”

Jude Goodman

I love the GGC! The first event I attended was a goal-setting workshop. Kimmy & Company were so welcoming and funny and smart. Their space is always a warm place to go, filled with art, interactive crafts, and good conversation.  I love the way they bring community together, and are open to artists, and everyone, celebrating the uniqueness of each girl & woman who spends time there.”

Amy Robinson

“When I was going through a really emotionally and physically traumatic period last year, Girls Girl really came to my rescue in ways that even my local friends did not. I received cards full of love, gifts, messages, and just felt really held by the girls. It was amazing and I’m tearing up just thinking about it. I am grateful for this group and one could say I owe you ladies my life.”

Julia Bobila

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